Uncovering Keno Algorithm

Winning at Keno can often seem like a daunting challenge, but there are those players who have taken the time to develop and employ their own algorithms for success. Using a few simple mathematical principles, these players take the game very seriously and come ready to win.

Draw Patterns

Random number generators are computer programs that randomly select numbers from a predetermined batch size. Keno aficionados often swear by patterns in the numbers, and they will study and research past draws in order to detect those patterns. There have been plenty of instances where players were successfully able to beat the casino at Keno while other Keno players simply stood by in wonder. Winning at Keno often comes down to understanding that random number generators use the same seed values in the game of Keno in a day.

How to Determine and Apply the Algorithm

Determining the Keno algorithm may be a bit tricky whether online or in-house. In order to do so, players must be able to successfully track the numbers that have been drawn over the course of several dozen games. In a bricks-and-mortar casino, Keno is simple enough to observe since it is played at other game tables as well as in the lobby. Online Keno games are a bit trickier; players may have to purchase inexpensive Keno tickets for several rounds in order to record the draws and look for patterns. Once the algorithm has been determined, players should always bet on at least 10 numbers and bet more than usual; six numbers out of 10 is a wonderful start.

Winning at Keno is a bit like winning the lottery specially when players are able to match several numbers in a single round. Some players like games that are completely random, and slots online fits the description perfectly.