Slots Bonus Rounds

Online slots are one of the most popular casino games today. To play the game, a player only needs to sit down and click some buttons. Now most online slot games offer some additional bonus rounds with the regular game. The bonus rounds provide additional winning chances. Now-a-days various types of slot games are available to play in online casinos. When selecting a certain type of slot games, additional bonus rounds are a good option to consider.

Mainly two types of online slots bonus rounds are available. Some games have free spins bonus round. As the name suggests, this bonus round is all about some additional free spins on the reels which allow a player to spin on slot games without putting additional wagers. The free spin bonus round also have another option called multiplier. The other type of online slot bonus rounds takes a slot player to another game which coincides with the theme of slot game. In this type, the player has to do some specific tasks to win additional amount. Most of the time, this bonus round involves selecting an object which has a number of credits behind it.

The online slot bonus rounds add more fun to regular slot games. They also provide twists. Sometimes, the options in the bonus round represent traps or dead winnings. If a player hit a trap, the game will end immediately. Depending on the game, player can lose all his winnings or just the winnings of the bonus round. Some online slot bonus rounds have different levels. If a player can pass the first level, he can continue to the second level and so on and so forth. Before engaging in a online slot bonus rounds in an online casino, it is important to check the types of bonus rounds that the casino offers.